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Teacher Testimonials


One way the PTA benefits the children at Northfield is by supporting their teacher’s efforts to optimize the classroom! Teachers spend an average of $500.00 a year of their own monies on classroom materials for their students1. Thanks to your support, the NES PTA provides a $100.00 grant to each Northfield teacher, helping reduce this expense. 

The PTA also provides needed equipment and materials for students that enhance the classroom beyond what the school budget can afford! We asked Northfield teachers to share how these funds have benefited the students and we would like to share their thoughts and appreciation with you.

Ms. Trodden, 1st Grade

“I can't say how blessed I feel to work at a school as generous as Northfield. In the past couple of years alone, the PTA has bought 3 large lunch carts for the first grade team. They also bought book pouches for every first grade student (120 of them!) to use during Daily 5. For me individually, I have received an amazing easel with two dry erase boards and bins for storage that I use multiple times a day. It was quite expensive and not something I could've afforded to buy myself. It is one of my favorite parts of my classroom. It is on wheels making it easy for me to roll around. It's just fabulous. :) When I tell my teacher friends at other schools that we also receive $100 a year from PTA they are amazed. The support of the NES parents is simply the best. We couldn't do our job as well as we do at Northfield if it wasn't for the parents. The monetary support is so appreciated in order to help us help and teach your children.”

Mr. White, 5th Grade Science

My name is Edward White.  I am a 5th grade teacher at Northfield.  I am writing this letter to show what a difference PTA makes in and around my classroom.  Several years ago, I read an article about how students work better if they sat on yoga balls instead of chairs.  After surveying my room, I knew that there was no way I would be able to fit 27 yoga balls in my classroom.  However, after talking with PTA, we decided to use balance disks.  PTA bought me an entire set of balance disks for my class.  Each student was able to fill it with the right amount for them.  These disks lasted me 4 years.  The only reason that I am no longer using them is that a portion of them started to develop leaks and now I don't have enough for an entire class.  Now each grade level has a set of the disks to use as a "Rudy's Ruby" award.
As well, PTA was solely responsible for the last two years' drama club production, first, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and then, Willy Wonka Jr. Without the support of the PTA, our children wouldn't have had the ability to perform in front of their peers.  Drama club teaches organization, listening and speaking, reading comprehension, focusing on a task, and many, many more.  I could fill an entire page of standards that Drama Club teaches. Thank you again PTA for all that you do for teachers, and especially for students!

MS. Colella, Kindergarten

I wanted to let you know just how much the PTA supports us here in Kindergarten! From Popsicles on the Playground to our End of the Year Picnic, you are there for us. The PTA purchases popsicles for our incoming students at our first getting to know you event.  What a great way to welcome new students and families to NES. At the end of the year, PTA funds our year end picnic by paying for the pavilion and buses to the park. It's another great way to support student and families and build the Northfield community! Thank you!

Ms. Sochol-Solomon, 3rd Grade

Over the 12 years I was in 5th grade and 11 years as the ITL, PTA has given us money towards field trips, helped to pay for students whose parents could not afford the field trip, served both breakfast and lunch to our SCH judges, bought us magazines for the students to enrich both language arts and content, and has given teachers at least $100 each year for teachers to use for their classrooms. I have used this money for reading baskets, posters, bookmarks, etc.
As a new teacher in 3rd grade, I would hope that PTA would continue to support our classrooms with money towards field trips, magazines to be used in the classroom, and money to the teachers to replenish supplies such as the ones stated above. I appreciate what PTA has done for the teachers and students at NES in the past, and I look forward to a continued strong partnership this year and in the years to come.

Mrs. Guizzotti, G/T Resource Teacher

I wanted to just say thank you for the PTA reimbursement. Throughout the past couple of years, not only does it help with various classroom supplies such as markers and glue sticks, but also our instructional seminar materials. As you know, instructional seminars (i.e., recess groups) cover various topics including those that require special materials. For example, Reverse Engineering is a group that has required me to purchase small tool sets and items from the dollar store such as push lights and calculators so that students may freely disassemble and explore every day items. Students love this hands on opportunity and I appreciate PTA providing the reimbursement so that I can make this creative group (and many others) possible! Thank you again!

Ms. Manekin, Kindergarten

On behalf of the Kindergarten team, I would like to send a big THANK YOU to the PTA for all of the great programs that you provide for our students. In particular, we would like to thank the PTA STEM committee for working with us this past school year to bring in an amazing presentation just for the kindergarten students. 
In one of our science units, students are immersed in learning all kinds of facts about types of weather and how it affects the world around us. While planning for the unit, I found out about Mr. Bond and the Science Guys. They provide in-school field trips and assemblies about a variety of different science related topics. The one that we were particularly interested in was called Walloping Weather. We thought that it would be a great culminating activity for our students after the unit, so I reached out to Ari Miller and Heather Shafer to see if the PTA would be willing to fund the program. They were great about working with me to figure it all out, and last January the entire NES Kindergarten team was treated to an awesome presentation! The students absolutely loved it and talked about it for days. It was an experience they wouldn't have had without the PTA, so thank you again for all of your hard work! You are appreciated by both the teachers and the students for everything you do for our school!

Ms. Zimmer, 3rd Grade

The PTA has contributed monetarily to my classroom supplies including stools, word wall resources and dice. They have also provided funds for me to purchase books to grow my professional knowledge. These were all things that benefit students. In addition, the breakfasts and dinners provided on special days, like conference days, really lift me up! The PTA is much appreciated!

Ms. Marino, 2nd Grade

The NES PTA touches many lives and supports so many projects, it is difficult to narrow it down to just a few things. I do want the PTA to know that every year I am most grateful for the $100 reimbursement for classroom expenses. My classroom expenses add up beyond measure each year, so it is always nice to know that I can look forward to getting some of that back.  
The PTA STEM Committee has done an outstanding job in promoting STEM Education and the STEM Fair at NES. It is a personal passion for me to provide meaningful STEM experiences for kids and I love that the PTA takes this mission beyond the classroom. In addition, it is extremely helpful that the PTA pays for the Scholastic News magazines that we use with our students. These magazines are excellent tools for teaching a multitude of skills from close reading to complete sentences or science/history concepts. Both teachers and students benefit from this tool. Scholastic News offers on-line resources to supplement the magazine as well. Because the PTA pays for our subscription we have access to the on-line tools such as short videos, printable concept sheets, and teacher's guides. 
Lastly, I am very grateful for the PTA Cultural Arts programs that all of our students enjoy. The programs have been excellent and enriching. One of my favorite programs was when the Zoo came to us through the Zoo Mobile. What a great opportunity for children to learn about the animal kingdom without ever having to board a bus to the zoo! I feel extremely grateful to have such an amazing PTA. I know that I benefit from the hard work and generosity of the PTA just as much as the students do!

Lorri Raney, Cultural Arts Chair

Did your child rave about the Chinese Acrobats last year? That program was paid for entirely by your PTA. Please help us continue to bring in fabulous artists, musicians, poets, and science programs. Did you know that the school does not pay for most assemblies? That's right. Your PTA pays for them. That's why it's so important that you contribute to our Direct Donation Drive. The PTA brings in historical story tellers, poets, electric cello players, zoo animals, folk dancers, and many, many more curriculum enriching programs.

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